October 27, 2003

here we are... darkling plain... blah blah blah...

right. first post. these are always lame, so i'm not going to pretend that this introduction is going to wow anybody. my friends and i used to publish a little zine that you've probably never, ever heard about. that's fine, since we liked it that way. it died a death of neglect in the summer of 2001, and we've been on a kind of hiatus ever since.

well, now we're back. and we've jumped into this newfangled blog thingamajig that's all the rage these days with the kids. we were running a little mailing list to discuss various topics amongst ourselves, and it seemed that some of the stuff we were talking/ranting about might be enjoyed by folks that didn't know us (well, except for the where are we going to eat tonight discussions).

what can you expect from this site? probably a little bit of everything, if the past is any indication. news & politics, pop culture, music, film, literature, tech stuff, religion... it's all up for grabs. i'm not exactly a focused individual when it comes to interests, so in my attempt to know everything i've ended up with a lot of inane facts in my head about a billion different things. not enough for a doctoral dissertation on any one subject, but i play a mean game of trivial pursuit.

we're still setting this sucker up, so excuse the barebones look. in time, we'll purty it up for you so it doesn't look like the end of the internet. that, of course, was a few pages back before you got here. you're here because you've got nothing else to read.

see? that was lame. it'll get better, i promise. not much better, but there will be a marked improvement.

Posted by kilgore at October 27, 2003 07:58 PM
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