November 11, 2003

somebody should build al gore a time machine

video of al gore's sunday speech to members of is now up at c-span. he discusses civil liberties and national security and how bush and ashcroft are screwing the pooch on both.

well, he stretches it out to a little over an hour and is a bit more eloquent than that. he even calls for a repeal of the patriot act, and it makes you wonder what all of the operation vampire killer 2000 types must be thinking right now. i'm sure they still view gore as satan's right-hand man and probably think this is just another piece of the larger conspiracy puzzle (oh, look, the commie democrats are going to save our liberties, don't believe it, etc) while the republicans end up going for broke. naturally, billary waits in the wings to continue her husband's evil plans for a one world government.

it also makes you wonder where this al gore (now a 'recovering politician') was back in 2000. sure, he's got nothing to lose (like a presidency), but this type of no-holds barred talking might have helped a bit in, oh, carrying his home state. yes, there was the whole florida thang, and while that little travesty let bush run amok for the last three years, taking tennessee would have rendered that moot.

but that's in the past, and while we're still a little bit bitter (some more than others -- i voted for nader in texas, which was kinda like eating doughnuts for a rhinoceres), it is nice to see the former vice president saying, 'hey, civil liberties always come under attack in war. it always happens, and then, after the war, we repair the damage, learn from it, and move on. oops, this war isn't going to end. wtf?' etc, etc.

he also makes a stink about all of those arabs rounded up after 9.11 as a pr ploy by bush to create the perception that he had actually caught a bunch of bad guys, where bad guys = innocent people who had minor visa violations. don't really hear too much about those folks anymore.

and there's a whole nuther hour of stuff like that. go watch, and then be a darling like george soros and give some cash to

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