November 17, 2003

saturday night main event

the iowa dem. party jefferson jackson dinner (emceed by the junior senator from new york) that took place on saturday night is now up at c-span. i didn't get to watch much since the enticement of sushi was too great, but i did get to see all of the candidates make their entrances.

frankly, the whole thing looked like a bad wrestling match about to happen. there was blaring rock music, candidates making their entrances to the center stage, dean running around in the balcony with his arms raised (like go ahead and give the ending away already, whydontchya?), etc. i mean, really. rub it in everybody else's nose, howard.

the stump speeches were pretty much the standard ones from what i saw. later, in the wee hours of the night (during a channel-flipping session after i decided that even though i could watch i spy for free didn't mean i should), i caught a repeat of dean's speech. i've heard his talking points before time and time again (get some new material, man), but what impressed me was his little sidebar about how this election wasn't just about getting him in office but in getting lots of other dems in as well. and i like that type of forward thinking, where he knows that with his continuously growing organization that his ability to get out the vote means that there can be some actual change in washington in 2004.

will that happen? i dunno, but if he continues along with his $100 revolution (2 million people giving him 100 dollars) and actually pulls that off, i think he'll be viewed in a totally different light than bush. even if he doesn't get the nomination, he's going to be remembered for changing the way campaigns are run.

disclosure: i've given money to howard dean.

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