November 19, 2003

with us or against us?

so maybe it looks like tony blair doesn't like bush and his policies all that much after all:

TONY Blair has attacked President Bush's Republicans for faking "compassionate" politics like Michael Howard's hardline Tories.

The Prime Minister branded George Bush's portrayal of Republicans as caring conservatives as a hollow "illusion".


A secret record of the last NEC meeting showed Mr Blair saying: "Michael Howard's soft centrist language was an illusion, like the US Republicans' compassionate conservatism."

the comments were made at a labour meeting, and they were leaked, naturally. this is great press for bush to be getting on the first official state visit of a united states president to england since woodrow wilson. i'm sure rove will salvage what pr he can from the trip, but we'll see how it goes tomorrow with the giant protests and topping of a bush statue in trafalgar square.

i'm sure blair wants to be on the usa's good side no matter what, but at what point is he going to go, 'hey, maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all?'

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