November 27, 2003

happy thanksgiving (except for the reservists)

it's the holidays, a time where families can get together. and for some, it appears that a christmas present is coming early:

Troops and their families and employers will soon find out if they will be affected by the Pentagon's latest mobilization of 17,000 reservists for duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In addition those mobilized Wednesday, nearly 8,000 reservists have been alerted for deployment to Iraq and around 700 for deployment to Afghanistan.

and why are these reservists being mobilized? turns out that the 'coalition of the willing' isn't so willing after all. i seem to recall some argument before this whole fiasco started about what a good idea it would be to get a real international coalition together before embarking on this trek, but i guess bush thought that uzbekistan would be a better ally to have than france.

maybe they just need some fresh new eyes to find those weapons of mass destruction. or were we supposed to have forgotten about those by now?

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