December 01, 2003

ai goes off on military

sorry, that's the best haley joel osment link i could make.

anyway, looks like amnesty international isn't too pleased with the military. remember those two afghan prisoners who mysteriously died while in custody, and it looked like foul play was involved but the military always said that wasn't the case? yeah, well, now they aren't commenting at all:

A leading human rights group criticized the United States military on Monday for not disclosing the status of an investigation into the deaths of two prisoners at an American base in Afghanistan last year. Initial inquiries by military investigators deemed the deaths homicides that involved "blunt force injuries," according to the group.

yup, sounds like they were being treated fairly to me.

"When apparent homicides occur in secret prisons, and promised investigations saw no results," Dr. Schulz said, "the country's cherished values of humane treatment and respect for the law are dishonored." He accused the military of showing "a chilling disregard for the value of human life."

but we're fighting a war on terrorism. these things will happen. just look at iraq, with cases of soldiers pointing guns at detainees, firing bullets into the ground near them, beating up prisoners in 'self defense.' this is islamofacism we're dealing with! it's a war of civilization vs. the barbarians! the only way to win is deal with them through force, natch.

crap like this gives the military a bad name, and when they try to keep it inhouse like this, it just makes everybody look bad. we're supposed to be the good guys, etc. i know we're all into that whole game of 'diminished expectations make the results we do get that much better,' but in this area, if we don't set the bar high, it's gonna cause a lot of problems way down the road.

give the impression that you'll act just like the former despots you depose, and you can kiss your happy occupied people's smiles goodbye. not to mention what the enemy might start doing to our soldiers in a tit for tat situation, but i think we've already stomped on the geneva convention quite a bit.

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