December 12, 2003

up is down, citizen

the one bad thing about working an odd shift is that my bedtime is normally between 6-8am. i like this schedule, but sadly, i miss the sunday morning talkshows. i usually get around to reading transcripts later in the week, but i'm kinda glad i didn't see this , since i probably would have hurled something heavy at my tv.

BLITZER: Was U.S. intelligence going into the war faulty?

CARD: Well, intelligence -- I think, first of all, there was plenty of justification to go to war. He had stiffed the United Nations many, many times. He was a threat to his own people and a threat to the region. He was a threat to our interests. And we had called for -- as a country, we had called for regime change under the previous administration.

But when you go there today and you see some of the mass graves that are there, where he murdered his own people, you just can't help but think that we are much better off with Saddam there. So, I think that's a moot point.

The good news is, Saddam is no longer a threat to his own people, and the people in Iraq are finding more hope and opportunity. It'll come through governance of their own country, and we're finding that all around the country.

oh yeah. that whole wmd reason doesn't matter anymore. saddam bad, you liberals. don't you see!?! war was the only answer.

i must be blinded by my 'bush derangement syndrome.'

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