February 23, 2004

my republican roommate

okay, so he's not really a republican. but somebody thinks he is, because he got a postcard from someone in our neighborhood urging him to vote in the march 9th republican primaries. if he didn't, well, the world would end.

hi, fellow republican, neighbor and voter in precinct 246,

assaults on morality as exhibited at super bowl half-time entertainment, call for grassroots action. folks, we're the grassroots. as citizens of a nation, founded 'under god,' we will elect candidates who will provide for our safety, enforce obedience to laws, promote life and family values, and enact laws in accordance with the constitution of the united states.

it seems like some folks just can't get over a wardrobe malfunction. i'm still unsure why janet jackson's breast being exposed at a football game is a bad thing while cheerleaders prancing around small tops equals wholesome family entertainment. lots of cleavage is okay as long as a nipple doesn't get shown.

this is, naturally, old news, and i wouldn't even be talking about this if this postcard hadn't arrived. but i guess when this is yet another sign of the culture war, you have to do an action mailout. i don't really remember football being talked about in the book of revelations, but maybe it was hidden somewhere in the bible code or something.

1. learn about each candidate. what does he or she stand for?


3. ATTEND the PRECINCT CONVENTION immediately after the polls close at 7:00pm on Election Day to counter the slide to oblivion.

historically, no nation survived when the citizenry and leaders dissipated into lawlessness and immorality. WE can help change that. GO VOTE!

flee! the destruction of america is at hand! if this had been sent out a couple of days later, i'm sure it would have listed those evil fag marriages in san francisco that are just one step away from legalizing paedophilia and beastiality.

i guess that the grassroots conservatives are always more concerned about public talk and displays of sex rather than other problems in the world, but there's just one problem. you can't legislate culture. it's not going to work, and it never will. you either adapt to it or ignore it.

breasts on tv won't destroy our country. janet jackson still being able to get a prime-time gig while doing songs off of rhythm nation is, however, something to be very, very afraid about.

Posted by kilgore at February 23, 2004 03:27 AM
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