February 25, 2004

i beat the music makers!

i finally got my cd pricing trust lawsuit check in the mail today. you might remember that whole deal, where the major music companies were colluding to keep prices high.

and how much did i receive? a whopping $13.86. it would be hard to find a regular priced major label cd for that much at most music stores. i estimate that i buy around 300 cds a year (yes, it's a sickness), so that's really great for my pocketbook.

from the letter i received from the attorney general of texas, greg abbott:

it is a pleasure to bring this matter to a satisfactory conclusion and to return value to consumers who purchased CDs while the challenged pricing policies were in effect.

yeah, a satisfactory conclusion, indeed. cd prices sure came down all over the place. maybe i'll go download something and get sued by the riaa to complete this glorious consumer victory.

Posted by kilgore at February 25, 2004 05:56 AM
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