March 09, 2004

How did Dean lose so horribly?

If you missed Sunday night's showing of CNN Presents: Life Inside the Dean Campaign, don't fret as it will be reshown on the 13th, 14th, 20th, and 21st. I continue to hope that an actual full-on two hour documentary will be made by someone other than a Time-Warner element.

But, since we're pulling some sources from that behemoth of a news agency, their delegate scorecard leads me to one question:

Why did Howard Dean lose so damn badly?

Sure, I'm in the centrally-located liberal bubble of Texas, and within that bubble is another bubble of like-minded folk, but I did not expect Dean to get pummeled like he did.

Does the Iowa caucus truly possess that kind of power to make/break candidates? Crazy campaign internals? Media devourings? A wife who wouldn't leave her career to be guided around on a leash? What did it?

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