December 08, 2003

republican conservation

yeah, so bush wants to save our forests by building logging roads and cutting down prime trees in his 'healthy forests' initiative. but when it comes to voting records, well, all of a sudden trees become sacred, and now florida isn't going to require a paper trail for their touch screen voting machines:

As manufacturers develop ballot printers to accompany touch screens, Florida will be "very open-minded" in reviewing any printers submitted to the state for certification, Secretary of State Glenda Hood said this week. If printers are certified, Hood said, counties would have the option of using them.

But Hood said making a paper trail a statewide requirement is not necessary because Florida has multiple safeguards to assure the accuracy and security of touch screens, which are used in Palm Beach County and 14 other counties.

look, if i can get a damn receipt everytime i fill up my car with gas or go to the atm, then i think it wouldn't be too hard to imagine that this might be a good idea. if i can doublecheck my credit card receipt, then maybe i'd like to be able to later say, 'no, look, the computer screwed up, and i've got proof.'

is that too much to ask? and are we really going to have to go through another 'jews for buchanan' phase before people realize that a paper trail is not a bad thing? is $500 bucks extra a machine too much to insure that not only is everyone's vote being counted, but that everyone actually knows that it's being counted?

but why should i expect any different? after all, the majority of cosponsors of the voter confidence and increased accessibility act of 2003 (hr 2239) were democrats.

this shouldn't be a partisan issue.

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