December 09, 2003

christmas is a time for sharing

...except if you opposed the war, that is. no rebuilding contracts for you:

Companies from countries opposed to the conflict in Iraq will be barred from bidding for new rebuilding contracts worth $18.6bn, the Pentagon has said.

US Deputy Defence Secretary Paul Wolfowitz said the policy was necessary to protect America's "essential security interests".

obviously, if france and germany got rebuilding contracts, then we'd basically be putting saddam lovers back into prime positions. if you were opposed to the war, remember, then you were in favor of saddam's secret police raping women with broken bottles.

as for 'essential security interests,' i think that must be some sly reference to large corporations who have donated generously to bush's coffers.

Mr Wolfowitz said he hoped that excluded firms would pressure their governments to join the post-war effort.

"Limiting competition for prime contracts will encourage the expansion of international co-operation in Iraq and future efforts," he wrote in a notice on the website

these guys really have no clue about what it means to actually have a coalition, do they? you don't get people on your side by constantly bullying them. we need their help in iraq, but it appears that they're doing everything they can to prevent that from happening.

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